The American microbrewing industry truly kickstarted in the 1980s. These pioneering
companies emerged with their passion and vision, providing their local communities a taste of
full flavored beer and old world European traditions; all with what was to become a uniquely
American character. Through extraordinarily difficult market conditions, the microbreweries and
brewpubs struggled to establish the foundation for what was to become the proliferation of craft
beer in America. Today, Americans are well known for making some of the best beers in the

A trend to watch is the growth of craft beers in the United States. While this trend should worry
the big guys, American small & independent breweries are the one to benefit from it.

Globally today, craft beer continues to enjoy strong growth in the United States, Europe, Australia
and Japan. We are truly proud to Introduce American Craft Beer to this part of the world!

We take our beer distribution business seriously. The beer you buy from our appointed retailers
comes refrigerated all the way from USA. Upon arrival in Singapore, the beers are stored in a
controlled temperature (around 18 degrees Celsius) warehouse. The beers are then delivered
to various retailers either in a refrigerated truck or a private car (air-conditioned). Hence, you can
be assured the beer is almost as good as drinking it from USA!


It has come to our attention that there are some grey imports of our brands into Singapore of
late. Hence, we would like to reiterate that BEERSTYLE DISTRIBUTION is the Official Importer
and Distributor of craft beers from Anderson Valley Brewing, Deschutes Brewing, Lagunitas
Brewing, Rogue Ales, Stone Brewing & Victory Brewing.

We will also start distributing Deschutes and Lagunitas beers in late May 2013. Thus, any beers
from these two brands in the Singapore market now DO NOT belong to us.  
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Please do NOT contact us if you are looking for mass market / industrial Beers.
We neither like em or even sell em.
Coz we honestly don't believe in making a living through beers that we think has little or no taste & character.